The Global Policy Digest (Marsh GPD) system is a technology tool used to automate the collection, consolidation and reporting of global policy information, which will in turn create efficiency gains for colleagues and provide electronic access of policy data and reports to our clients via Marsh Portal.

A Global Policy Digest (Marsh GPD) is a basic service of the Multinational Client Service team that allows Marsh to detail to clients the following information:

  • Full and detailed listing of all policies issued by Marsh worldwide for a particular client and all subsidiaries.
  • Policy summary by country for all coverages placed within a global program or on a stand alone basis.
  • Copy of local policy (where required by client).

The Marsh GPD is our tool to show a client we have delivered what we promised – insurance coverage for their operations wherever they operate. As such, Global Policy Digest is a foundational element of the Multinational Rules of the Road and is the Marsh standard for supporting the client policy management process.